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Facilities that We Provide


Holistic Learning

We assure that every student devote their hearty interest in the initial steps of learning that they take.


Child-Friendly Environment

The School environment is created in a manner so that the kids have a fun based learning experience.


Confidence Building

We aim to build the confidence of every child; we motivate every child in asking question.


Safety & Security

We ensure 100% security and safety of every single child. We always keep the parents inform about their child progress.


Our Facilities

Early Year Program - With these rapid development and changes in technologies, children are being weighted down by the burden of expectations and the pressure of performing better to stay in the rat-race from the very young age due to which they miss out the most beautiful thing in one’s life that is “childhood”. We believe that a child's early years are the foundation for his or her future development, providing a strong base for lifelong learning and learning abilities, including cognitive and social development. With this motive in our mind we have too aimed at providing early year education to children in a very playful manner so that they could enjoy education.

Creativity – Our school focus mostly on the logistic and creativity development of children. As at this age the brains develop the most and with their imagination they learn the most. At Maskin Public School, every child has the freedom to choose the way they want to learn. It is not compulsory that the child needs to paint inside the lines only instead they would feel to make the whole world colourful.

Inquiry Based Model- A child mind is very creative and keen to know everything too. Hence they love to ask questions with the help of which they make sense of the world and their place in it. As with these questions, it helps children to share what they already know, wonder, or would like to learn as learning is more relevant to children when new activities incorporate their prior knowledge. The inquiry learning approach focus on how they learn or solve problem rather than what they learn.