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Programs that We Offer

Play Group (1.6years to 2.6years)

Play Group is the most exciting yet important phase of your child as for the first time children come out of the comfort zone of their parents. During play group we ensure smooth transition for toddlers, we also stimulate the children’s mind with songs, poems, creative play etc. The curriculum and activities have been designed to help children build social, emotional and language skills. Besides this, children are encouraged to learn, grow and discover as per their own milestone.

Nursery (2.6years to 3.6years)

This group introduces the children to the learning of basic concepts and skills like colours, shapes, reading, writing, listening and speaking. At this age, children are driven to learn and actively come to terms with the way the world operates. Our academic skills focus on pre-reading, pre-numbers, pattern writing, cognitive skills like memory and observation, puzzle solving and social habits like sharing, making friends, taking care of own belongings, personal hygiene and so on.

Lower K.G (3.6years to 4.6years)

In this group we prepare children for a formal school experience. Here children experience an explosion of language along with dramatic advancement in fine and gross motor control, problem solving ability, independence and social interactions. In this level, children gets familiar to formal school subjects and our activities focus on developing language, math and environmental skills. Besides this, children begin to read two/three words and can also make interesting mathematical pattern.

Upper K.G (4.6years to 5.6years)

Children at this level, gains complete knowledge about reading and writing. Children are nurtured with the framework of a designed framework and develop various skills like writing through emergent literacy, advanced writing and reading skills through storytelling, math skills, public speaking skills etc. Our immense effort is on writing, as it opens the gateway to learning for any child, as sooner a child learns to write properly the quicker will grasp the concepts of English, Math and Science.


Our Teaching Methodology

Refinement of Senses

Gross Motor Development

Creative Development

Social Development

Personality Development

Physical Development